11:11 Dawn - CBD Tincture(1000 MG) - Reishi Mushroom, B6, B12, Chaga


11:11 is a new way of healing & attaining perfect harmony by harnessing the powerful properties of natural healing products.  

Our Dawn tincture contains powerful, naturally derived ingredients that are designed to to get your day started. This formulation contain a higher dose of CBD, supplemented with Chaga, Reishi, and Vitamin B to deliver you an energy boost with 0 crash.

Our tinctures are organic certified, ethically sourced, vegan, and sugar free. We create small batches to ensure our quality and always share our lab results. Start your day the right way.

Supports Health & Immunity

Made in the USA, FDA & GMp Certified

High Quality And Safe


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Lab Tested

These products are all made in FDA, cGMP approved facilities and go through intensive third party testing to ensure you're getting the dose you need.

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